Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I've been a bad bad contributor... Sorry I havent been on here... I've been seriously busy and I completely forgot that I had another site that I could be working on.

Isnt it just strange on how life can just slap you in the face with reality?

One day, your just sitting there, and everything is good. Then, WHAMMO... life hits you back on your ass. You could be madly in love, and then the bomb just drops on you, one that's a WMD of psychological warfare. It could just be me bitching, but everybody knows exactly what I'm talking about because its happend to them. Life works funny for everybody. Its not always bombshells being dropped on you... I guess its just a way of reality keeping us on our toes. Ho hum...

-_- - Jeff


Blogger D. J. Moore said...

Sometimes that reality hits you harder than what you're saying. It's hits so hard you're left wondering if what has been happening to is actully happening. And, about the contributing, thanks for this one, now if we could only get Sardonic Starlet to do a little more. I admit, I went for a while without one, but I still try. If there's anything that comes to your head that's thought provoking, please, remember this little site. Well, thanks for the post.

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