Wednesday, May 04, 2005

forsake the troops

forsake the troops... this website WAS NOT created by me so please don't cuss me out over it, but I would like to know ... .. this website WAS NOT created by me so please don't cuss me out over it, but I would like to know how everyone else feels about it. Personaly I think the guy should be hung for treason, but it is not concidered treason any more. This guy is using his God given right of free speech, well atleast abusing that right, that hundreds of men did so he could have that right. well it is in our rights and nature to disagree with this disrespectfull and unapreaciative man, it is in his rights to post that website. I have recieved a petition to have this website to be removed, but I have elected to not pass it on, if anyone wants it then just ask me and I will email it to you. oh and I have every intention of joining the marines so don't think I would support the websites content or the web sites editor, but i am supporting every humans right to free speech, and to be that lone person that believes totally oposite of everone else, for having the balls to stand opposite of everyone else he has to be applauded, at least he stands for something, this reminds me of one ocurence this summer at LSU. One of the workshops that was held there they were asking two answered questions, either yes or no, if you agreed then stand up, one tihng was "I would rather watch a football game than a baseball game" of course I sat down I dis agreed with the statement, and a few other people sat down. A few more questions went by, and they said "If a person was in pain then it would be right for them to commit suicide." the one thing that everone, or atleast i thought everyone would disagree on, well EVERYONE sat down and no one agreed with this, well exept for one person. this showed that he was standing for something, not just going with the croud.I had to applaude this man, not for what he was standing up for, but for the fact that he stood for something. same thing has to be said for the GPA members, they undergo some of the harshes criticisim, and ridicule, but they are still standing for something. and they are showing no sign of giving in on there stance. So my question is if these people are applauded for taking a stand against what everyone else stands on, then why is this guy being hated and booed for doing esentially the same thing instead of applauded.
P.S. excuse the gramar for now.


Blogger D. J. Moore said...

I fucking hate you now, you fucking bitch! How could you! I fucking hate you! (I love you. :D)

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