Saturday, April 02, 2005

What is Site? ...

     I'm sure all of you, posters and readers alike, would like to know why this site is even here and why it keeps undergoing changes. Well, there's a reason ... and that reason happens to be thought. This site is supposed to be thought provoking. The posters have been told to post up things that get the old noodle going. They have their own personal site for things in their personal life, which is linked to if they want it linked. Hopefully the posters will post up interesting finds like new software/freeware, help articles on things they know, and just interesting things that they’ve come across in general. And, posters please keep this in mind, even though this limits your posting criteria it makes you come up with fresh material that people might like. If you have poll options let me know so we can talk it over. Thank you for participating and all of you for reading and commenting.

--D. J. Moore


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