Friday, April 01, 2005

I Can't Spell ...

one great weekend. one bad week.
yep. that sums it up really.
my weekend was wonderful. Nick came to see me.
& it was wonderful to see him again.
i missed him muches.

there is some digustingness for you all.

okay, you can puke . . . NOW!!!

la la la we went to the mall too.
i got a MCR shirt & FOB shirt. ♥♥♥

& i got . . . Neon pink eyeshadow.

thats right. new make up for stephen & everyone else to make fun of. sheesh

sorry, i'm a picture whore. yesterday was the most eventful day of all.
& all i did was watch cartoons & eat fruity pebbles wow, i did a loooooooooooooot.
i cant believe i miss school beh i'm gonna go bug my dog now.



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