Saturday, March 26, 2005

"Meaning of Life ... "

     What is life? Haven’t we all heard that before? Sure, you’ve heard it before.

     Well, to “lowly” animals it’s all about living from day to day, finding food enough to stay alive, and reproducing. Come to think of it, those are the fundamentals that organize something as “living” in the first place. So, if we’re animals, what makes us different? …
     That seems simple enough: we have an advanced brain, right? Well, how I see it, apes are more advanced than other mammals, but we are smarter than apes, if I’m right, which I think I am.
     Well, what made apes smarter to begin with? I believe it is all chance. At one point in time, apes had to adapt to something—I’m not sure as to name what it was, but it was big. It could have been a drastic change in the weather that made them learn to search for insects with straw(s) to lure them out of their holes, or it could have been communication, allowing them to share necessary ideas that led to their latter-day advancements.
     Humans, in much the same way, could have advanced, but to a greater extent. It was also probably by chance, as we know from your own personal lives, that we’ve come as far as we have. Serendipity, one of my favorite words, meaning a fortunate accident, could sum up our whole existence. But, what still breaks us from our ties with all other animals and sets us apart from our counterparts; what is it that gives us meaning?
     Some say it’s thought. Well, I believe that this is discredited, to say the least, because as remarkable as that is, all animals think. It’s been proven that apes think to solve things, which isn’t repulsive, as some may think. So, with that aside as known, what sets us apart?
     What sets us apart in the end may just be in our own heads. Other animals make homes; other animals preen and groom themselves; most even communicate with each other (some more efficiently than others). At the end of the day, when you lay in bed thinking over all you did that day, as eventful as it may seem at first, really isn’t much different from other animals. When boiled down to the elements: you managed to fulfill the daily rituals that you must do in order to survive, just like other animals do, including communication. Just because we find things to do between these times and find ways to make life easier more constantly than other animals or even communicate more easily and variously, doesn’t really make us that far removed from all the other animals that surround us.
     So, keep making up theories that remove you from your surrounding to fill your own ego or make up design that automatically makes you more aristocratic than all the other “lowly” animals, but just remember that when we all die our body returns to the earth in form or another (with few exceptions).

     That was the easy question … why are we here is the hard part. Well, as I see it, it falls under the same light, almost perfectly. As far as food chains go, there is a “top gun” in every one of them. Humans just happen to be at the top of more of them than other species, which can relate to the former question of advancement. We are merely here for the same reason eagles are still here or foxes are still here. They are not eaten; they are merely here to help maintain a balance. All of life and existence at the core is all about balance. Find this balance and live happily ever after!


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Gees this sounds very familiar. Didn't we have this conversation the other day. And also this sounds like one of the posts that i put up... on this site to. well that is good enough for now

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How do I sign up to become a contributor to this blog?


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Anonymous emmie said...

oh oh oh, dj darling. i want to join your funtastic bloggythingy. i*m interesting and have fun things to share, i promiseeee! <3333333

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