Friday, March 25, 2005

I still have to capitalize this.

tomorrow should be a goood day.

la la la.
i should get to see Nick tomorrow. suppose to be coming & *gasp* my parentals are actually gonna let him stay the night. in D.J's room of course. but hey i'm happy he gets to stay. i have to go to church sunday but i dont care. i just happy i get to see him.

gonna try to go to Alana & Alora's house once we get back from Alex with my parnets & gonna see if we can go to . . . dun dun dun WAL MART & maaaaaaaybe stop by Gamestop & see Jeff? i ono. i hope so.

today though. BORING
Niki called . . . .
yep thats all that happened. & i cleaned.
my lazy bum cleaned my room. yep shocking

& i am not a problemed child! i am sane . . . . i swear.
just a little . . . . odd.
but not problemed.
cause i'm happy
& i can dance
can you dance
yeah, thats what i thought

i'm so hurt. NO ONE wished me a happy birfday on here.

i'm so unloved.
not even DJ
or stephen
no . . . . no ♥ for me.

wow my life is boring
i wrote a poem


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