Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I Have To Capitalize This.

my name is bob & i eat fish

well today was my birfday. happy happy joy joy. bore zzz.
i am now 17. it was better than my last birthday. no one even remembered it.
it was boring, but at least people remembered. heh

Niki & Maggie had it announced & all that boring poop.
yay . . . i think, i ono

& my mommy got me a cake, which i ate at lunch. i wasnt greedy. i shared my birfday cake.

my mommy loves me.
she gave me two little fairy figurines too.

when i got home . . . . i watched Garden State for the 4th time. gah i that movie.
i'm making DJ watch it now. i'msocool

well i think i'm gonna go update my xanga now.

look at my boring cake.


Blogger Condemed said...

katelyn you have problems, you problem child.
From the Condemed...

12:13 PM  

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