Monday, March 28, 2005

All Down Hill From Here ... (and something for Timy) ...

     What is wrong with this nation? Is our government so controlled by companies and private interest groups that it hinders every aspect of government powers? I'm not linking this directly to the Bush Administration, but you'd have to be blind to not see them playing a big part in all of this. Iraq, like it or not, was an economy driven invasion. Yes, I said invasion. This nation has never been the aggressor nation until Iraq. Through presidential war powers we invaded Iraq for this nation's own gain, based on WMD's, or Weapons of Mass Destruction ...

     The general public has to wake up. American needs to make this their nation again. The government is for the people by the people, right? Well, not anymore. It is now by the companies for their own gain. Social Security, you might as well say, is no longer existent. Apparently, if Bush's plan does not make it, it's doomed anyway. I don't know what to say to that. I think that we should restructure it until it falls down, but have a backup plan to constitute in its absence.

     Bankruptcy is even under fire. Recently a bill has been underway to tighten down on abuse to the system. The system was designed to give people a new slate--wipe the board clean. If this cannot happen, a free economy will be hindered.

     The younger "I don't care about politics" generation needs to wake up! What they are deciding on now will affect us later! Make no mistake; if this generation goes into an "I don't care" state this nation will be owned by corporations and private lobbies, it's already happening.

     Ignorance is not bliss anymore. We can no longer play dumb. There's a hole in this boat (if not many) and if we keep looking at the sky enjoying own selves and not worrying about this hole we will be up to our neck in an ocean of chaos without life preservers. What will you say then, "I didn't know it was happening"? We need to get serious over these matters at hand. This administration is hoping we stay this way. Wake up! For starters, did you vote if you could, when you turned age? I did. I wanted to make a change for what I believe is right. So, really, you have no right to complain if you didn't try.

"I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm."
--Theodore Roosevelt

(I dedicate "Save Me" by Unwritten Law to Timy!)

Jeff says:
How funny that MTV tried to get the youth in with that stupid ass "Vote or Die" bullshit... they got their 20 million alright... and look at the impact it had.

Oh wait... you cant look at it... it was almost non-existant.

Good job on making the youth look like a bunch of worthless asses P. Diddy. We could of easily done it without you.

BTW, I voted for Bush.

Lets see how much of a reaction thats going to get me...


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gah, i signed up, and my invitation is not working.... so i kind of can*t join.... O_O i*m such a loser. hehe. <3

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Blogger D. J. Moore said...

I need your email.

12:39 PM  
Blogger sardonic starlet said...

ah... okies. i just sent you an email from my email addie. that should work. <3

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Blogger Condemed said...

OK just so you know that is the way this country is set up to work. The president , and congress are only reprsenting us. And they make decisions based on what is best for the whole, mabie not the world as a whole but the country as a whole. 9/11 tore out economy through the roof, and mabie Iraq isn't helping our economy right now. But think for a second, now the Iraqi people are free, and will be forever indept to the USA. So now we have a potentialy strong allie (or 4) in the middle east. All of which are part of OPEC. In the future this could posibly be a good thing, the oil prices could be infuenced by the US. but as I said this country is ran by us, not the president, they do our wishes, so everything the government does is based off of what is best and what we want, keepingin mind congress represents the people and we elect them based off of, well you get the point

4:01 PM  

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