Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Totally True Adventures of Dinosaur and Robot

Wow, same life, different day. I haven't ran across anything that's worth giving the World Wide Web lately, but I did find a really funny site. The site is Some of them aren't so funny, but others are. I love the dinosaur.

So, give the site a look around and comment on here what you think. Oh, yeah, I've also been on Great message board with a lot of my friends. Well, later.

--D. J. Moore

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Alone In Love

Sorry if this is dull, but this is just a burning thought in my head, It doesn't make scense to me, Some know who i am talking about, I ...just have to let it out some how.

I walk down these boulevards, and these avenues, I can't help but wonder why. All these people walking, walking around me. They seem so happy, just so damn happy. Why could I not have that feeling in me. Is it because I walk alone.
Sorry if this is dull, but this is just a burning thought in my head, It doesn't make scense to me, Some know who i am talking about, I ...just have to let it out some how.

I walk down these boulevards, and these avenues, I can't help but wonder why. All these people walking, walking around me. They seem so happy, just so damn happy. Why could I not have that feeling in me. Is it because I walk alone. I share nothing with no one. I said nothing, with no one. no one at all. I feel no love in this world. I feel this worlds hatred for me, you just keep holding his hand, I will keep walking away. I will never look back, back at you, you are just a ghost to me. Only in my eyes. I cant help but picture you you and him, as I walk a way from this spot where my lips first met yours. I can t help but imagine what I had, What I wasn't willing to fight for. This one fight that would change my chemestry forever. I can't help but hate what I gave up. I can't help but hate myself, as I walk these boulevards, and these avenues. As I walk them alone, I can't help but notice that every one else has what I could of had. I can't help but miss you. I tell my self that I am better off without you. And deep down I know I am right. God wouldn't have let this happen if it wasn't better, I know that if I wold have taken that fight for you, I would have done, more than I was willing to do. I know my morals would have been tested, and my love for you would have been tested. But as this lone year comes to an end, I can still remember the first time our lips met, the first and last time. I can still remember the first lie you told me, and the last conversations we had. And the long months being a thousand miles apart. With no way of conversing. And I can still remember when it came down to me and you, taking that stand, and keeping you, or leaving you, I remember that choice so clearly, as I walk away, and see that ever lasting gleem in your eyes. The gleem of a million people on these street, still wishing I had that, but reallizing, you sometimes have to let go of the ones you love. I can't help but wonder why, all these people walking, walking around me. They seem so happy, just so damn happy. Why could I not have that feeling in me. Is it because I walk alone. I share nothing with no one. I said nothing, with no one. no one at all. I feel no love in this world. I feel this worlds hatred for me, you just keep holding his hand, I will keep walking away. I will never look back, back again... now that i realize love doesn't last because you had to fight for it, but because you didn't.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How Much Proof Needed Before the Truth Comes Out?

The Downing Street Memo -- minutes of a meeting with Prime Minister Tony Blair and his advisors that reveals the U.S. was “fixing” the intelligence to support the Iraq War -- was not enough to get the mainstream U.S. media or members of Congress to take the issue seriously. Now there is Downing II, III, IV, V, VI and VII!

As the evidence mounts, the failure of the media to seriously investigate the issue is baffling. Why aren’t they interviewing current and former U.S. military intelligence officials about these reports from the highest levels of the British government? Isn’t the media supposed to investigate and expose the truth for their readers and viewers?

And how about Congress -- shouldn’t they be subpoenaing witnesses to testify under oath about pre-war intelligence gathering, the influence the Bush administration had on manipulating or misstating intelligence findings and whether intelligence was gathered to report the truth or designed to support a pre-ordained war? The Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Pat Roberts, has promised to investigate whether intelligence was manipulated by the Administration -- but that promise remains unfulfilled and last week Knight-Ridder reporter Dick Polman was told it was “still on the back burner.” Maybe it is time to make good on that promise.

How much more information is needed before the truth is sought and reported to the American people?

Here’s a summary of the British memos:

Downing Street I: This memorandum is the minutes of a meeting between Britain’s top national security officials and Prime Minister Blair on July 23, 2002 -- eight months before the invasion of Iraq. The document, marked “Secret and strictly personal -- UK eyes only,” consists of the official minutes of a briefing given by Richard Dearlove, then-director of Britain's MI-6 (the equivalent of the CIA) who, based on a recent visit to Washington, DC, reported that the Bush administration planned to start a preemptive war against Iraq. By the summer of 2002 President Bush had decided to overthrow Iraq President Saddam Hussein by launching a war. Dearlove stated the war would be “justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD [weapons of mass destruction].” Dearlove continued: “But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.” British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw agreed, saying: “It seemed clear that Bush had made up his mind to take military action, even if the timing was not yet decided.” “But,” he continued, “the case was thin. Saddam was not threatening his neighbours, and his WMD capability was less than that of Libya, North Korea, and Iran.”

Downing Steet II: This memorandum dated July 21, 2002 to the Prime Minister’s cabinet seeks comments on the Iraq War Planning. It discusses how to justify the Iraq War by “creating the conditions necessary to justify government military action, which might include an ultimatum for the return of UN weapons inspectors to Iraq.” It describes U.S planning thusly:

“The US Government's military planning for action against Iraq is proceeding apace. But, as yet, it lacks a political framework. In particular, little thought has been given to creating the political conditions for military action, or the aftermath and how to shape it.”

It also reports that Tony Blair agreed to support the Iraq War in a discussion with President Bush in Crawford, Texas in April: “When the Prime Minister discussed Iraq with President Bush at Crawford in April he said that the UK would support military action to bring about regime change . . .” The memo expressed concern about legality, stating it “is necessary to create the conditions in which we could legally support military action.” Regarding legality, the memo notes: “US views of international law vary from that of the UK and the international community. Regime change per se is not a proper basis for military action under international law.” One option to create the needed legality stated was: “It is just possible that an ultimatum could be cast in terms which Saddam would reject (because he is unwilling to accept unfettered access) and which would not be regarded as unreasonable by the international community. However, failing that (or an Iraqi attack) we would be most unlikely to achieve a legal base for military action by January 2003.”

Downing Street III: A memorandum from British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to the Prime Minister dated March 25, 2002 in preparation for the PM’s visit to Crawford, Texas. Straw begins the memo with a warning: “The rewards from your visit to Crawford will be few. The risks are high, both for you and for the Government.” He notes the lack of support within the Parliament for a war with Iraq and sees the case as challenging to make because, “(a) the threat from Iraq and why this has got worse recently; (b) what distinguishes the Iraqi threat from that [of] Iran and North Korea so as to justify military action; (c) the justification for any military action in terms of international law.” Straw also notes: “there has been no credible evidence to link Iraq with UBL and Al Qaida. Objectively, the threat from Iraq has not worsened as a result of 11 September.” He points out how Bush’s “axis of evil” makes the task more difficult: “A lot of work will now need to be done to delink the three, and to show why military action against Iraq is so much more justified than against Iran and North Korea.” He concludes saying: “A legal justification is a necessary but far from sufficient precondition for military action. We have also to answer the big question -- what will this action achieve?”

Downing Street IV: This memorandum, written by Blair political director Peter Ricketts and dated March 22, 2002 raises two concerns regarding British support for the planned U.S. war with Iraq. His first concern: “First, the THREAT. The truth is that what has changed is not the pace of Saddam Hussein’s WMD programmes, but our tolerance of them post-11 September. . . the best survey of Iraq’s WMD programmes will not show much advance in recent years on the nuclear, missile or CW/BW [Chemical Warfare/Biological Warfare] fronts.” He also expresses concerns with other aspects of U.S. claims: “US scrambling to establish a link between Iraq and Al Qaida is so far frankly unconvincing.” The threat “is qualitatively different from the threat posed by other proliferators who are closer to achieving nuclear capability (including Iran).” After looking at the purported goal of the war Ricketts says, “It sounds like a grudge between Bush and Saddam.”

Downing Street V: This memorandum from then British Ambassador to the U.S. Christopher Meyer, dated March 18, 2002, discusses a conversation with Paul Wolfowitz. He told Wolfowitz that a war against Iraq would be a difficult sell in Britain, and more difficult in Europe, and “went through the need to wrongfoot Saddam on the inspectors and the UN SCRs [Security Council Resolutions].”

Downing Street VI: A memorandum to Prime Minister Blair dated March 12, 2002 from British foreign policy advisor David Manning, the purpose of which is to prepare the Prime Minister for his trip to Crawford, Texas to meet with President Bush. Regarding Iraq, he reports that Bush is “grateful for your support and has registered you are getting flak.” Manning based his comments on a meeting with US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. He said the President had not yet found answers to several issues, among them: “how to persuade the international opinion that military action against Iraq is necessary and justified.” There was recognition that if Bush could not put together a coalition, then the U.S. “could go it alone.”

Downing Street VII: A legal options memorandum -- eight pages long -- looks at the alternative legal justifications for war -- Security Council resolutions, self-defense and humanitarian intervention, etc. -- and finds all of them lacking.

What do all these leaked, confidential British memos point to? The Bush Administration had decided to go to war at least one year before doing so, and many months before seeking a resolution from Congress. The invasion of Iraq was illegal under international law so the administration tried to create legal justification through manipulation of the United Nations in order to trap Saddam into violating U.N. resolutions. This also provided the side benefit of making it look like they were seeking a peaceful resolution while at the same time putting in place the machinery for a massive U.S./U.K. invasion. The case for war was weak: the link to terrorism, particularly Al Qaida, was poor; Iraq was no more dangerous than other “axis of evil” countries; Iraq’s weapons program for nuclear; bio and chemical weapons was no greater than prior to deciding to go to war; and therefore intelligence needed to be “fixed” in order to justify the war to the American public and the international community. Finally, these memos indicate that the U.S. planned poorly for the post-invasion occupation of Iraq, greatly underestimating how difficult this part of the military activity would be.

The British memos are certainly producing a lot of smoke -- will anyone with credibility and resources do the investigation needed to show us the fire?

by Kevin Zeese

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Monday, May 23, 2005


Well, well, summer time and so far we have to look foreward to... Well, well, summer time and so far we have to look foreward to having fun at parties, sitting at the beach, running topless infront of the hot girls, and showing off infront of the girls. I don't know nor cae what else happens this summer, well I sorta do, I don't want a totallt busy summer, but I do plan on having fun. so far most of us are single, and are still looking for girlfriends and some of us stand a chance, at that, but anyways.. after year book is finishe dthen most of us will hace a good stressless summer. well best of wishes, and class of 06 rocks, SENIORS now, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Is there Such a Thing as Free Software?!

Now, all of you people think that you pay for what you get, right? (With the exceptions of you few pirates that read.) Well, that's not the truth. There is free (legitimate) software out there that works just as good, if not better. You just have to know where to look for it!

First, and foremost, with the boom of spyware, when people ask me to fix their computer most of the time all the trouble is spyware and trojans, which are spyware related. Now, I'm not going to disinstill the public for my own gains, but here is what one might use/need to remove and prevent spyware.

First off, let's remove the spyware you have:

Lavasoft's Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition
This is a "free" edition of a very popular program that was designed to eliminate and help prevent spyware, but in this limited version its only purpose is to eliminate spyware, and with that said, it does a very good job of it, thus bringing it to the top of my list of downloads here.

Spybot Search & Destroy
A fully free piece of software that's built to remove, but has a few blocking agents. It's not as strong as Ad-Aware, but still knows what it is doing. Coming clean with a registry backer, this is a dynamic piece of software.

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

When Microsoft got the hint that there could be a profit made, it jumped right on the bandwagon. While this program is free for the time being, while in its Beta stages, it will become a subscription service more than likely when it is fully developed. It exspires sometime in July I belive, so if you believe that this is worth it, it does have a whole mass of tools for even the unexsperinced use to negotiate. It will scan and protenct. Well worth its weight in code.

Once we have it all removed, let's start preventing it in the first place:


Made by Javacool Software, this free bit of software is fully free, save the autoupdate feature which can be negated at a price. It prevents spyware from downloading and installing in Microsfot Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Its relativley small download size and power punch make it ideal for dialup users.


Another blocker from Javacool Software, this program prevents the execution of spyware, where SpywareBlaster only defeated the download aspect of it.

On with the free Virus scanners:

Free avast! 4 Home Edition

With one of the most comprehensive Residential shield of a free scanner, it ranks up there on this little list of three. It's 8MB files size is usual for this day in time, but small, relatively. It does reqiure a registration, but is fully free none-the-less. Very good auto-update features, also

AVG Free Personal Edition

A good residential shield is here, but the only problem I had was that it didn't always want to delete the virus that was detected. Usual auto-update, but nothing to boast about here. This scanner is very placid up against Awil's avast!.

ClamWin Free Antivirus

This is the only piece of software here that I have not downloaded due to me just finding it today. I will put up a review if I think of it of find it neccisary. It is fully free (as in freedom). Thank you to the Free Software Foundation. Download this and try it. It looks like a very good scanner/blocker. All the other free software I've came in contact with were only scanners. This seems not to be the case anymore.

I will touch on Firewalls and other things at a later date, but for now, this should tide you over. I would recommend downloading all of the Spyware stuff and only one virus scanner, due to the way virus scanner can act. Thank you for your comments that I hope this will bring, in advance. I will update later!!!

--D. J. Moore

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It is amasing to see what america really is. I mean sit down for a while and think, what really makes america, and for that what makes someone an american? It is amasing to see what america really is. I mean sit down for a while and think, what really makes america, and for that what makes someone an american? I sat her thinking of this tonight, and last night. I came up with america is not only a country, but a county based on not only ideas, but people. this country if you really think about it shouldnt exist. it contradicts its self in so many ways it should have ripped its self inside out a long time ago. the people here are so vastly different from each other, and amasingly are able to live amongst one another, and dont cause totall chaos. and the ideas that this country were butilt on are so questionable, that they can be interpreted in diferent ways. ideas that are over 200 years old are so much better than any thing any one could come up with now. i cant think of anything better to stand for the worlds super power. a country with so many diferences on the inside has so much more responsiblility on the inside than most other countries do, also has so much responsibility internationally, that no other country. and it is proven that if ever the US rejects its duties, the entire world will suffer. we are the balancing weight that keeps the world in order and balanced. if this is what makes america, and she is in one peice than why does it seem like it is falling to peices, when in reality it is mending its self into a better super power, one that when finished no other country can defeat it. its only destruction can come from the inside. ten again what should you look at for historical references, the roman army, the nazi army, the soviet army, british, the titanic?

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I've been a bad bad contributor... Sorry I havent been on here... I've been seriously busy and I completely forgot that I had another site that I could be working on.

Isnt it just strange on how life can just slap you in the face with reality?

One day, your just sitting there, and everything is good. Then, WHAMMO... life hits you back on your ass. You could be madly in love, and then the bomb just drops on you, one that's a WMD of psychological warfare. It could just be me bitching, but everybody knows exactly what I'm talking about because its happend to them. Life works funny for everybody. Its not always bombshells being dropped on you... I guess its just a way of reality keeping us on our toes. Ho hum...

-_- - Jeff

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Kidnapper Ran Away With Me ...

So, I sit here again, pondering of "what might have beens" and "what could bes." All these thoughts hold great audience in my mind at times like this. I find life an uphill battle with a downhill slant.

If you met me you'd probably say that I have everything that I want, and you might as well presume yourself as correct when it comes to material goods, but there is so much more that money cannot buy that I live in the ever present poverty of. Life on the outside, I present (or at least try to) in a positive look to others. I constantly think of how people think of me and I try to give myself a good light. Now, I know that this actully sounds shallow, but look at it this way: it's not shallow--it's me. Now, if it's me, then I am shallow, but then, what distingushes me from you, if what you are makes you and what I am makes me? You see, I'm not outgoing due to my "shallowness," which can come off as snobby, which I deeply regret, but again, this is me. If there is a point to that, comment, because I think there is, but I'm not sure. Now on to something more.

"Bring in the clowns!" Or should I say "welcome to my life?" I find that when I'm funny or at least attempt to be people like me better. I like to think that I can be soothing when a person is around me due to my personality. I think you'll find me to be meak in leadership, but strongly supportive. I'm opinionative but I usually follow a crowd with that opinion most times due to the wisdom that there is "strength in numbers." (A man with one acre farms for substance, but a man with many acres farms with profit.) Where'd that come from? Oh, well.

So, I don't want anyone to comment with, "It's much worse to be in a bad relationship" because most likely, even though you're being nice, you probably haven't been through what I've been through here, and if you have then you'll probably agree with me! So, get upset and get over it--we still have to live together!!! I want to be with someone. I'm a romanticizer; a hopeless romantic (who can't play his part); I've drempt to the point reality often finds its self blurred with reality in my head (as most cancers find themselves doing, by the way), but I've done this for over five years. I've been in a relationship with no one, been turned down by countless girls, 10+. Some have done it to my face, others by going around me, and yet others with no response at all. I don't know what is to hate of me other than to how I look (guess I'm ugly). I think I'm a good person, a likable person, a person of good moral values. I'm clean, curtious, and gentleman-like. I don't just try to impress when I'm with a girl (which I have been on occasion), I try to be myself, which is perfect. Okay, I'm joking, more like chivilrous, but that's more to how I act. I try to be funny around girls, but I often find myself refraining from flirting mainly due to the fact that they aren't single! I find myself in harsh, unwilling, and unforgiving circumstances to be looking for love in. Relationships used to come and go, but now all the girls want something to last, so who will be left for me?! I want someone close to 18, but give or take a few years is alright I guess. Now, on to life its self:

So, what makes life, life? What is there to live for tomorrow? Do you live from day to day or from time to changing time? When I graduate I generally have some more schooling to look for then years of work then retirement. I want to settle down and have a family. Hell, most people my age already have the half of this if not a little more. Some people, some that I have liked, have a family from what I understand. A lot can happen in one, two, three years, but as for me it's like waking up to almost a rerun. The days seem to drag by and the stress from not changing is unrelenting. I feel at times that I feel horrible due to the fact that my life can't be like others. I don't go out, I don't have a lot of friends and when I call them they're out doing something--that I'm not. I feel like I'm left out A LOT. Summer comes and I don't have a job yet and it looks pretty meger for me getting one at that. I just want to be with someone in a relationship, to hang out. Call me vain, but someone pretty, great to get along with, someone that could talk forever, be mutual at most, and just be perfect. The last one most of you will comment on, "just be perfect," with, "No one's perfect." But, you see, perfect to me is something totally different from you, then again maybe not--see, it's all how you see it, so don't judge me for being different. So, as I was saying, I could sit here and complain all night, but I'm not, so I'm out of here. Hopefully this makes you think of life or the relationship you have and how good it is to be where you're at with who you're with. Don't complain about that person that you "love" because they don't have to be there.

Well, this is me signing off for me. Everyone have a good day/night and come back to read more. "Good-bye!"

PS. My kid sister has a relationship for crying-out-loud!
PSS. Watch Scrubs!!!

--D. J. Moore

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